Hutchinson Island Beaches Hutchinson Island beaches are some of the most beautiful in the state of Florida. Spanning over 23 miles, including sand, rocky banks, dunes, and more. What’s great about the majority of Hutchinson Island beaches is they’re fully equipped, complete with restaurants, showers, picnic areas, as well as loads of complimentary parking. That’s right, spend a day at the bachand forego those pesky parking expenses. But, that’s certainly not all. Let’s take a look at Hutchinson Island beaches and what you can expect to find. Hutchinson Island Beaches Hutchinson Island beaches offer a variety of things to do and see. Located on the east coast of the Sunshine State to the north of West Palm Beach and to the south of Titusville, Hutchinson Island is actually two barrier islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Hutchinson Island is best known for its nature preserves and parks, but it’s also well known for its wonderful beaches. Hutchinson Island is also home to the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center and Elliot Museum. But, it’s a terrific place to go to the beach. And, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to these local natural attractions. Here’s a little more information about Hutchinson Island beaches: ● Bathtub Reef Beach. Located on the south of the island, Bathtub Reef Beach is one of the most visited, and for good reason. It’s a place that’s best at low tide. During load tide, the water is shallow and people like to snorkel. It’s also great for children at low tide. Then, when the tide comes in, it offers scuba exploration. ● Blind Creek. This is another favorite, simply because of its sheer size, with 14 acres. It’s known to be a great fishing spot, plenty of parking, but it’s sparse when it comes to amenities, without facilities. ● Dollman Beach. This is the place to go for surfers. It’s equipped with pavilions and restrooms, making it more functional. ● Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. Here, you’ll find picnic areas, showers, along with showers. And, it’s a nature lover’s dream comes true. It’s a great spot for snorkeling and fishing. It’s also ideal for kayaking, trail walking, and more. ● Herman’s Bay Beach. This is a relatively small area, about 1 acre. But, it’s full of fish and the locals know it. Perhaps the biggest draw in Hutchinson Island is Jensen Beach. This is a marvelous community where you’ll find picnic facilities, showers and bathrooms, volleyball, and a whole lot more. This is fun for all ages. Hutchinson Island Florida Cost of Living The Hutchinson Island, Florida cost of living is something that makes the area all the more attractive, over and above the wonderful weather. Compared to big city life, Hutchinson Island is a real treat and it’s the place that keeps on giving good vibes, all year long. Hutchinson Island Florida Cost of Living The great thing about the cost of living in Hutchinson Island is that it’s relatively inexpensive in many categories. Now, when it comes to real estate, it is above the national average but it is definitely affordable. The good news is that Hutchinson Island has more to offer and it’s relatively inexpensive. Another terrific aspect about living in Hutchinson Island, Florida, is that you’re not too far from the thrills of Miami or the tropic islands of the Florida Keys. Plus, it’s only two hours away from the great, world-class theme parks of Orlando. In other words, it’s in an awesome location. Moreover, Hutchinson Island is known for its come as you are, casual and laid-back lifestyle, which makes it even better. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to call Hutchinson Island home and its related cost of living: No state income tax. This is a really big deal -- really. When you’re not surrendering a good chunk of your income to state income tax, you keep more of what you earn. That alone helps to make a permanent move to Hutchinson Island all the more lucrative. It’s a quick way to recapture a substantial portion of your salary and love the life of living in Florida. High real estate appreciation. Another great aspect of living on Hutchinson Island (or anywhere on the peninsula) is the fact that real property here appreciates at a significant pace. Since about one-thousand people move to the state every day, that means this trend will continue for quite some time. Which translates into high equity gains. Relatively low utility costs. The cost of utilities in Hutchinson Island is relatively low, compared to many other areas of the country. Here, you also don’t have to worry about heat in the winter, or paying for snow removal and other cold-climate related expenses. Ease of recreation. Since the Sunshine State is full of well, sunshine and the winters are super mild, there’s almost year-round opportunity to exercise and engage in recreation. Living in Hutchinson Island means you’re always near the coast, which means beautiful beaches, wonderful parks, and much more. Hutchinson Island Real Estate Market The Hutchinson Island real estate market has much to offer. The area itself is beautiful and captivating, featuring that wonderful subtropical climate so many people adore. Located on the east coast of the Florida peninsula, Hutchinson Island is actually two localities, separated by the Fort Pierce Inlet. The island itself is a barrier island, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and an expansive aquatic preserve to the west. Even better, the Hutchinson Island real estate market is an active and diverse one, with something for just about everyone. And, a varied price range from modest starter homes to luxury residences. Hutchinson Island Real Estate Market Here on Hutchinson Island, the residential real estate market has a whole lot to offer. It’s a particularly attractive place to call home. Plus, there’s plenty to see and do about the area. In the Hutchinson Island real estate market, you’ll find a nice variety of housing types. There are condos, townhomes, single family properties, and more. The Hutchinson Island real estate market offers properties ranging in size from simple two bedrooms, one bath houses, to 3 beds, 3 baths, and even larger properties, with 4 to 5 beds and 3 to 4 baths. (Of course, there are also bigger homes with up to 8 to 10 bedrooms and 4+ to 10 baths.) Advantages of Living in Hutchinson Island Here in Hutchinson Island, you’ll find it’s a wonderful place to live full-time or as a terrific vacation getaway. The area is largely known for its gorgeous beaches, its expansive preserves, and family parks. This is home to the Elliott Museum, which features art, history, and technology collections. And, it’s also the home of the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. There are also a good number of benefits in living in Hutchinson Island: ● Great property appreciation. Since the area is so highly desirable, residential real estate properties enjoy remarkably good appreciation performance. ● Inexpensive cost of living. When compared to other areas of the country, you’ll quickly discover the cost of living is quite inexpensive. On average, you’ll spend less in day-to-day living costs, as well as utilities, and more ● No state income tax. In the state of Florida, residents not only enjoy a lower cost of living but also, they keep more of what they work so hard to earn. ● Ideal climate conditions. The biggest draw is the weather, with its super-mild winters and fabulous spring and fall seasons. Of course, recreational opportunities abound. These include, but aren’t limited to boating, fishing, biking, kayaking, golf, tennis, snorkeling, sailing, and much, much more. Quick Search Location